*~* This video was filmed on Wiradjuri country. We acknowledge the Wiradjuri people as the rightful & traditional custodians of this land. We pay our respect to Aborignal & Torres Strait Islander elders - past & present - as well as all First Nations Peoples, and acknowledge that sovereignty has never been ceded. *~*



Direction/Concept: Asha Trips
Director of Photography: Leeroy Pearce
2nd Camera/Stills: Kylie Carslaw-Pearce
Editing/Assistant Direction: Shanni Dalton
Text/Assistant Direction: Fionn Brewer
Styling Concept: Angie Teo & Asha Trips
Catering/Transport/Accommodation: Bill Dalton
Best Boy/Runner: Riley Carslaw-Harkins
EXTRA thanks to Wallace Carslaw for helping with our guitar straps! 


Loss has been a big theme for us recently! Here's another piece of music dedicated - in part - to that strange feeling. This track is about the sudden loss of someone unimaginably close to you, but is written from a naive/childish perspective; a perspective which emphasises just how impossible it is to understand the reality of the situation. We filmed it up in Tarana, NSW (beautiful Wiradjuri country), in Asha's mum (Shanni) & step-dad (Bill)'s mostly-empty dam that has a really cool, crater-like appearance. The "crater" almost looks like it belongs in a Martian landscape; the land is dry, desert-like, full of gaps/crevices, remote. We decided to emphasise the post-apocalyptic and otherworldly feeling by dressing in half-burnt, white clothes. We felt it all provided the perfect backdrop for "WHERE?" - our song about loss, alienation and the what lies in the space above us.  

We had the best weekend making it - our whole crew was made up of family, so it was an amazing, giddy, happy time! We can't thank our beautiful fam enough for being so great, so fun, so supportive, so talented, so everyyything.

Thanks to YOU for watching, lots of love! XXX